Types of Router Bits for Beginners

If you are a novice who is going to make a fresh beginning in the world of woodworking, then it becomes imperative to acknowledge the fundamental facts about the router bits.

It’s important to understand that router bits are essential pre-requisites for using a router to make different types of cuts, edges and grooves. It’s essential to know about the types of router bits that are available for beginners amid the accessibility of a wide variety of router bits designed for different purposes.

Therefore, it becomes mandatory for beginners to have in-depth information about the types of router bits that are ideally suitable for their new woodworking experiences. So, you can buy the router bits ranging from simple ones for a regular job to the most sophisticated bits specially designed for heavy-duty jobs.


Types of Router Bits for Beginners

It’s a fact that router bits are vital tools to make routers useful for performing routing applications. In fact, without the router bits, there is no use for the routers, and that signifies the relevance of router bits for all woodworking businesses.

So, if you are an amateur and trying to figure out the router bits that suit your calibre and specifications. Then you need to take a look at the different types of router bits and Categories of Router Bits for Trainees.

1. Flush Trim Bit
It’s certainly undeniable that if you are a beginner in the realm of woodworking, then you must opt for those router bits that are preferably easy to use and affordable.

In this category comes the flush trim bit that is ideally suitable for pattern routing and trimming laminates. As a beginner, it would be ideal for you to use pattern routing, which helps in creating the same design as shown in the pattern.

In this case, the flush trim bit helps you as it enables you to make the exact final cuts as shown in the given pattern to deliver excellent results. It is important to note that the flush trim bits trim the wooden piece slightly larger than the original pattern that can be trimmed by making use of the side tape to get the final product.

2. Chamfer Bit
If you desire to attain magnificent results by making use of the sharp edges and bevel cutting, then buying the chamfer bit is preferably suitable for you. The key benefit of using the chamfer bit is that it allows you to make the edges by making use of diverse angels along with making the sharp edges.

3. Roundover Bit
To attain consistency with perfection, you need to get the round over bit that provides the sharp edge cutting. The benefit of using the round over bit is that it offers rounded edges that are precisely accurate and that remains throughout the span of working with this bit on the wooden workpiece.

It’s relevant to point out that there is the availability of varied types of round-over bits in the marketplace, that you can make use of in cutting the different sizes of edges. Moreover, it is recommended that you should buy either the small or the medium-sized round over bits to get the desired results with perfection.

4. Solid Carbide Spiral Upcut Bit
If you are interested in making the rabbit or dados, then buying the solid carbide spiral up-cut bit must be your priority. It is certainly undoubtful that the carbide spiral up-cut bits are expensive as compared to their counterparts, but these bits offer excellence along with providing better quality cuts. So, if you aim to make superior quality cuts, then your obvious choice must be the solid carbide spiral up-cut bits.

5. Three Categories of Router Bits
There are three main categories of router bits that are accessible to beginners in the marketplace. These categories incorporate the name of flutter cutter, helical cutter and profile cutter.

The flutter cutter is designed for making straight cuts that are extremely smooth and easy. The helical cutter is primarily used for varied purposes like drilling, trimming, and shaping. These cutters are ideal for softwood and are used along with plunge cutters. The profile cutters are required for making complicated edges and cuts.


Hence, it can be affirmed that the Different Types of Router Bits for Amateurs offer them an opportunity to choose the router bits as per their specific requirement and the nature of the job that needs to be accomplished. Therefore, a novice can proficiently use the router bits and infer the practical shape to their creative imagination to make incredible wooden masterpieces.

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