Top 3 Types of Router Tables

It is precisely undeniable that a router table proves to be a significant addition to your workshop or your garage if you have the passion for creating incredible wooden masterpieces.

There are three main categories of router tables that incorporate the benchtop router table, floor standing router table, and extension router table. You can choose the one that primarily suits your requirements and provide you with the opportunity to create wonderful pieces of wooden work and that too by buying the one that suits your budget.

There is a need to look at certain features while deciding on the most appropriate router table for your professional or creative requirements. These features incorporate the factors like convenience, portability, the latest features and a feasible pricing structure. For more details, you also read about router table reviews from the home page.

Types of Router Tables

It is primarily significant to realize that in a contemporary world of technology, there has been the holistic evolution of router tables that provide excellence in terms of perfection with precision.

There are three main types of router tables available in the market that you can choose from depending upon your specific requirements. So, let’s take a look at Different Categories of Router Tables that would certainly help you to buy the most appropriate router table for your workshop.

Benchtop Router Table

The benchtop router table is one of the leading router tables in the market and is well known for its versatile nature and adaptability to various types of routers.

The leading companies like Bosch, Bench dog, and Kreg have their benchtop router tables that provide excellent performance. The key feature of Benchtop router table is that it offers the premium workplace for woodworking and routing.

In fact, it won’t be amiss to state that the benchtop router tables have become an indispensable part of modern woodworking shops and provide extreme versatility in terms of durability and portability.

The benchtop router table incorporates the mounting hardware, aluminum fence, adjustable MDF face plates, aluminum router mounting plate, two out feed shims. It also incorporates the starter pin and guard that help to router curved wood pieces.

There is also the built-in cord wrap that provides the benefit of portability. The dust collection port works extremely well and helps you to concentrate on your work rather than worrying about the cleanup afterward.

Floor Standing Router Table

The floor standing router table is another category of router table that offers the benefit over the use of small router tables.

The key features of floor standing router table are that you can easily mount on your bench, and moreover, it provides the storage space for keeping all your router bits and other stuff in the drawers.

The floor-standing router table doesn’t take much place which means that you can easily place it in your garage or your workshop in addition to other router tables and stuff.

This router table is ideally preferable for inverted table routing. There is the availability of feather boards, mitre guide, lead in a pin for curved wooden pieces, and dust outlet to enable you to work with perfection.

Extension Router Table

The extension router table is ideally suitable for you if you desire to expand your woodworking experience but fall short of actual space for it.

The extension router table precisely provides you ample opportunities for enhancing your woodworking capabilities by making an extension to your table saw on either side of a table with a standard fence and deep top.

There is the availability of aluminum T-track slots, T-slot, split fence, high split fence, router fence, a wood frame, measuring tape and a durable safety guard. The table top has got the melamine surface, polyethylene edges and MDF core.

All these features make it an ideal router table for all those people who desire to create marvelous wooden work but lack the space required for installing a big router table. So, this makes extension router table an extremely feasible option for all those woodworkers who have the talent but lack resources.

But, with the help of extension router table, they can create the incredible woodwork. The extension router table can easily and effectively make way to all the tightly spaced shops as you can install this table and start using it without bothering about space.


Hence, it can be ascertained that the Diverse Router Tables provide you with an amazing opportunity to choose the most appropriate one as per your particular specifications.

Therefore, you can improve your woodworking experience by using any of the three router tables available in the market and get your woodworking experience enriched with the creation of incredible woodworking masterpieces

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