How to Select the Best Router Bits

It is precisely an underlying fact that routers play a part in giving a new shape and dimensions to a piece of wood to endow meaning and practical shape to your creative imagination. But, it must be comprehended that a router in itself can’t do what it is required to do as it needs the router bits to perform its actual function. In fact, the router bits are required to cut the rounded edges, round bottom grooves, V-shaped grooves and many other functions. So, it explicitly shows the relevance of router bits that make it practically possible for a router to be used as a tool for giving shapes, sizes and cuts to wooden pieces. So, there is a need to select the best router bits to deliver the output of your excellent craftsmanship.

How to Select the Best Router Bits

If you are a novice or a pro in woodworking, you need to choose the appropriate router bits to create the wooden masterpieces. You need to select the router bits as per your specific requirements as different varieties of router bits are available in the market that are designed for diverse purposes. So, let’s just take a look at the Method of Selecting the Best Router Bits to create a marvelous wooden piece.



1. Different Types of Router Bits
Before getting to know the process of buying the right router bits, it’s relevant to categorize the different types of router bits. There is the availability of a wide range of router bits in the marketplace, and you need to have specific router bits if you require to accomplish a proficient task. The varieties of router bits incorporate the panel bits, straight bits, joinery bits, raised bits, rail bits, and rabbeting bits, flush trim bits, molding bits, edge forming bits and chamfer bits.

2. Criteria of Choosing the Appropriate Router Bits

As the router bits are accessible in different shapes, sizes, models, and kind, so choosing the right one depends upon the nature of the specific work that requires the use of router bits. There are certain factors that need to be considered while choosing the exact router bit for your requirement. These factors are mentioned below.

  • Size of Router Bit

The size of router bit matters a lot while you make your decision to buy it. The common rule is that the size of the router bit is closely related to its speed. It implies that the small bits have more speed, while the large bit provides slow speed. In fact, the small router bit that is usually about one inch or less, can easily work at the speed of 24000 rpm while the bits of two inches operate at a speed of 18000 rpm. Therefore, you need to determine the nature of a particular task, whether it requires fast or slow speed, and you can pick your router bits.

  • Shank Diameter

The router bit consists of four parts, namely shank, ball bearing pilot, body and tip. The shank is that part of a bit that connects the bit to a router. There are two categories of shanks in terms of diameter like one-fourth of an inch or one- half of an inch. The shank with one-half of an inch diameter are ideal for flat cuts and have no vibration while the shanks with the diameter of one-fourth of an inch are preferred for excellent cuts. You can choose the one as per your requirement of making the cuts.

  • Drill Speed

The router bits operate on different speed levels ranging from 8000 rpm to 24000 rpm. But you need to consider that the speed of router bits should correspond with the speed of routers to avoid unnecessary danger and make smooth cuts.

  • Use of Material

The choice of router bits depends upon the use of the material as you need to have finer router bits for working on solid material. The use of soft wood makes way for the choice of different router bits.

  • Quality of Router Bits

The router bits are available in two qualities like that of HSS and Carbide. The HSS bits are of superior quality and a bit expensive but last longer. The carbide bits are cheaper and don’t work for a long time, and you need to replace them often.

Hence, it can be assured that the Factors Influencing the Variations in the Router Bits aid the woodworkers to choose router bits. Thus, the selection criteria for router bits implicitly depend upon the nature of woodwork assignment and the particular demands of making out and giving shape to their woodwork to create impressive woodwork.

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