Bosch 1171 Router Table Vs. Bosh 1181 Router Table

In the realm of woodworking business, the name of Bosch stands among the top leading brands making the router tables with intelligence and perfection. The top ranking Bosch router tables incorporate the name of two models like Bosch Benchtop Router Cabinet style Table and the Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table.

Both these models of Bosch provide the element of feasibility along with superior quality work experience. It may be possible that you are required to choose the one of these two models of Bosch Router Table.

In that case, your decision needs to be dependent upon the comparative analysis of both the Bosch Benchtop Router Cabinet-Style Table and Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table, along with pricing and your specific requirements. I have also done a comparative analysis of Bosch and Craftsman Router Table.

Bosch 1171 Vs. 1181

It is certainly unquestionable that Bosch offers the premium quality router tables that enable you to enhance your woodworking expertise.

As there is an availability of different types of router tables designed by Bosch, so you need to make a choice between Bosch Benchtop Router Cabinet-Style Table and Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table.

So, let’s take a look at the Difference between Bosch 1171 Vs. Bosch 1181 by studying their features and comparative analysis of both the models of Bosch.

1. Benchtop Router Cabinet-Style Table

The Bosch 1171 Benchtop Router Cabinet-Style Table is a well designed and premium quality router table from the Bosch. The given model provides an amazing woodworking experience in terms of making different shapes, cutting from different angles, compatibility with various routers and proficient noise reduction system.

In fact, its dust collection system is extremely viable and provides an opportunity to work in a safe, clean and noise-free environment. The Bosch 1171 Router Cabinet-Style Table comes with the features of Aluminum router mounting plates, two adjustable feather boards, and a tall Aluminum fence with adjustable MDF faceplates.

There are two dust collection ports attached to two vacuum hoses with the dimensions of 2-1/2”. It has a six-foot power cord for portability, and it provides a premium workplace to ensure a holistic woodworking experience. It’s available on for $149.00 with free delivery.

2. Benchtop Router Table

It is certainly undeniable to state that Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table is the leading and a premium router table offered by Bosch and this makes it leading the top selling charts of the year 2015.

The Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table offers the premium workplace with the dimensions of 27-inches by 18-inches, and this makes you work with freedom and create marvelous wooden work.

The key features of the given model of Bosch incorporate the factors of an Aluminum fence with MDF face plates that are adjustable, two adjustable feather boards, dual outlet switch, six-foot power cord. It is compatible with a variety of routers and come with the mounting hardware.

Its dust collection port easily connects to the vacuum hose to offer the excellent work experience with hassle-free cleanup afterward. It’s available on for $159 with free shipping.

Comparative Analysis of Bosch 1171 and Bosch 1181

The Bosch 1171 Benchtop Router Cabinet-Style Table has got the benefit of cabinet style of designing as it provides storage space to keep all the stuff.

It has metal legs that are sturdy, and its router plate is made of metal which provides durability. The given table doesn’t come with miter gauge that you need to buy on your own. While on the other hand, the Bosch RA1181 comes with a metal table top that makes it highly recommended a table for durability.

It provides perfection with the versatility that makes it the leading choice of woodworkers. So, you need not make any modifications in the Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table as it comes with a superior woodworking experience.

The cons of this model of Bosch incorporate the factors like the lack of storage space, the plastic legs of the table, no mitre gauge and one dust port that makes the whole lot of work look messy. But, in spite of all these minute aspects, one can’t deny that Bosch RA1181 offers a premium woodworking experience and that too within your budget.


Hence, after making the comparative analysis of Bosch RA1171  vs. Bosch RA1181, it is implicitly clear that both the models of Bosch have their relative significance.

Therefore, it won’t be amiss to state that both the models of Bosch come with fineness and meticulousness and offers an incredible woodworking experience. So, you can pick the one as per your specific requirements and create splendid wooden work.

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