Best Portable & Benchtop Router Table Reviews 2022

Before you begin any serious woodwork, a router table is one of the woodworking tools that you will require. This tool makes it possible for you to utilize a router as a stationary tool.

Though router tables are available in different brands and types, finding and purchasing the best type does not have to be a nightmare or something that will consume much of your time. This guide will help you to make an enlightened choice as it reviews the best available products and also points out some of the essential factors that you should take into consideration when making your choice.

If you choose from the list of products reviewed here and if you follow the tips given here when making your choice, you will end up choosing a product that will meet your requirements and help you to do nice work.

Best Router Tables For Professionals 2022

Kreg PRS1045 Router Table System

Kreg PRS1045 is a 54-pound tool that comes with three boxes containing the fence, table and stand. All pieces of this product have impressive quality control. It does not have any sharp edges, the holes are properly lined up. The nuts, bolts and screws have great quality as well. The fence of this tool is made with 36 inches of heavy-duty anodized aluminium.

The stand which is 29 inches high but can be adjusted to 35 inches high is made from heavy gauge steel. The work table is 24 x 32 inches in dimension. It comes with other features such as an easy-slide surface, adjustable measuring scale, dual fence locks and others. It is highly durable thanks to its mental construction.

This product should be an option for you if you are a do-it-yourself hobbyist. It comes with virtually all the features you need for such work. The fence system is easy to work with.

Bench Dog Tools 40-102 ProMax

Bench Dog Tools 40-102 should be an option for you if you have limited space in your workspace as it is created to fit into narrow spaces. It is also a nice tool that is very versatile as it can substitute the extension wing. It features a dual fence slot which can be rotated making it possible for the user to work from any of the table’s sides.

This arrangement helps to optimally use the surface area. The top of the tool is made from cast-iron. With the metal construction, it will withstand difficult working environment and conditions. If you have a right-tilt cabinet-grade table regardless of its type, it can be fitted on this product insofar as its cast iron table’s thickness is 27 x 1.5 inches in dimension.

All contractor-grade table saw can also be used on this one. It is 32.2 x 21.7 x 5.1 inches in dimension and weighs 60 pounds.

Top router tables for the DIY hobbyists

Kreg PRS2100

Kreg PRS2100 is an option for you if you are looking for a portable router table with the performance of industrial grade type. It is designed to be used at home, job site or any workshop. It will not take much space in your workspace and yet it boasts of impressive functionality. It fits both small and big routers.

It has a product dimension of 19.2x30x4.8 inches and product weight of 28.4 pounds. It features a table that is reduces vibration thanks to the thick MDF used in creating it. The table is available in 16×24 inches size. It features a miter gauge slot. The stand that supports the table is constructed from heavy duty steel.

The feet of the stands are covered with thick rubber which absorbs vibration helping you to produce a clean work. If you want, you will be able to enclose the base thanks to the predrilled holes it comes with. It impressively reduces noise as a result of its open design.

It is quite easy to mount the router on Kreg PRS2100. Easy mounting of the router is made possible by the laser-engraved marking on the underside of the plate. Indeed, all you need from top router table is contained in this product.

Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table

If you are looking for a table that is compatible with a lot of routers, Bosch RA1181 is a product you should know about. This unit comes with a 27×18 inches work surface which is big enough for routing and doing various kinds of woodworking.

Various kinds of routers can be used on it. Besides, it comes with a number of features that mark it out from other products you will find in the market today. It is an option for any person that likes working in a clean environment.

Dust generated in the course of your work with this tool is not littered and scattered all over your work environment. It comes with a dust collection port that traps dust generated as you work.

The tabletop is made from quality aluminium and with its metal construction, it will last for ages for you. The fence which is remarkably tall is made from aluminium as well. Bosch RA1181 is also very portable.

With it, you will be able to store some of your working tools and thus freeing some space in your workspace thanks to its built-in cord wrap designed specifically for storage.

Its router mounting plate is made from rigid aluminium for enhanced durability and stunning accuracy of cuts. Bosch RA1181 which is available with a clear-coated aluminium top has a product dimension of 27x18x14.5 inches and a product weight of 34.4 pounds. It is manually operated.

Bosch RA1171

Strongly created and designed to be mounted on any workbench, Bosch RA1171 provides the right work surface for different kinds of woodwork. It is styled like a cabinet for enhanced noise reduction.

The cabinet style of this product also helps to ensure the workspace is clean and not littered with dust because it is able to trap dust and particles generated as you carry out your work. The router mounting plate of this table is made from rigid aluminium.

It is flat for accurate cutting and pre-drilling for different kinds of routers. You will be able to work on taller workpieces on this table because its tall fence made from aluminium features MDF Face Places that can be adjusted to suit different heights of workpieces. It is made from aluminium.

It does not litter the work environment with dust because of the 2 dust collection ports it comes with. The product is secured from unauthorized usage thanks to its dual outlet switch which has a 6-foot power cord. It weighs 45 pounds and has a product dimension of 4.8 x 27 x 24.2 inches. It is covered with a year’s warranty.

Bench Dog 40-001 ProTop

Bench Dog 40-001 comes well packaged in a box containing the fence, tabletop, bit guard, dust port, pre-drilled router insert plate, mitre track, cabinet and mounting screws. It is created for the use of amateur do-it-yourself hobbyists as well as professional craftsperson and it is equipped with all the features any user will require to produce the best woodwork result.

The product comes with a fence made with heavy-duty aluminium. The fence is not only durable but also smooth, even and square. The set-up of this product is quite flexible. Depending on your needs, you are able to adjust the setup to meet your requirement. Its mitre accessory track made from quality aluminium can also be adjusted to suit any standard mitre gauges.

The fence and the table feature a T-slot for easy mounting of fence risers, stops, switches and featherboards. This unit also comes with dual fence slots to enable you to work on large panels. With this arrangement, you will be able to turn the fence right around quickly to any direction you want. The product has dependable constructions required to handle any woodwork no matter how tough it is.


RAS900 is a 32 pounds table with 27.7 x 17.7 x 9.5 inches dimensions. It is designed for enhanced durability and easy routing and handling of other relevant woodwork. It comes with a router mounter that is designed to attach and detach easily and in seconds. The table requires just little assembling thanks to its folding design.

It is easy to store this product because the legs are foldable. Thus, when you want to store it, you simply fold the legs to make it more compact and in this way, it will not take up more storage space. When it is fully set up or unfolded, it offers impressive stability which is one of the features that differentiate it from other products in the market.

It is workspace-friendly thanks to its compact design and the storage bag it has where users can store some of its necessary accessories. Other important features or components that are included in the package are a tall fence, guard, mitre gauge and bit inserts, featherboard, a bit height gauge, a starter pin and guard, an extra storage compartment and others. With this product, you will be able to achieve your woodworking goal.


This is another quality product that offers industrial-grade performance even though it is available in portable size thanks to its 1 3/4 horsepower motor. It is made for private use and cannot be used by any other person except the owner gives the person access to it thanks to its double outlet power strip that comes with a safety lock.

It is environmentally friendly as it does not litter the workspace with dust. Dust generated is trapped securely in the dust extraction port it comes with. The base holding the work surface is made with strong cast aluminium. Given the quality of aluminium used in creating the base, it is capable of holding the surface and what is placed on it.

The work surface is impressively smooth and it has a dimension of 334 square inches. The product comes with a number of features and tools which together make your work to be easier and more accurate. It features hardware, three insurance rings, mitre gauge, two feather boards, wrench, 1/4 collect, fence, table and any other things you require in other to get started. It has a product dimension of 26.3×15.9×14.7 inches and a product weight of 25.4 pounds.

Portable Cable 698

Portable Cable 698 is an option for people that lack space in their work space or people that do not have enough strength to carry heavy items. It is great for DIY hobbyists as it is portable and lightweight.

It is created with lightweight machined aluminum. With the quality of aluminum used in creating it, the product will last longer for you and will be able to bear the weight of the workpiece that will be placed on it. With its lightweight, you will be able to move it from one place to another.

It comes with an adjustable table which makes it possible for the users to handle different sizes of woods on it. The legs of the product are tall and this provides enough space for most of the routers. The fence of the product has two parts which are adjustable to make it possible for you to work either laterally or front-to-back.

You can mount and adjust the base of the router easily from the pre-drilled 3-5/8 inch table hole the product comes with. Other features of the unit include multiple starting pin locations, 3/4-inch Miter Gauge Slot, Miter gauge and others. It has a product weight of 37 pounds and 1x1x1inches.

Buying guide

One factor that you should always have in mind when you want to purchase a router table is that it is available in different types. It is important that you know how they differ from each other so that you will be able to choose a type that will meet your requirements. Here are the different types of router tables.

Benchtop router tables

Such tables are usually available in a compact design. Given their compact size, they can easily be mounted on a bench for ease-of-use. They are good options for do-it-yourself hobbyists and those who are just starting woodwork.

Free-standing or stand-alone router tables

They are more expensive and have bigger dimensions than benchtop tables. However, they come with a number of additional features and they absorb vibrations better than benchtop routers. They are referred to as stand alone because they are not placed on any bench or other stable platform as they are able to lift the piece to a height suitable for working on them.

An extension router tables

As the name already tells you, this is a type used to increase the space for your existing table saw. This type of tool will be an option for you if you have any plan of purchasing a table in the future.

Router and table combo

It is a combination of router and table. So, if you are in a need for a table and router, this should be a nice option for you as it will help you to save money.

Tables can also be classed based on the type of bases they come with. In this regard, we have tables with fixed bases and routers with plunge bases.

Parts and accessories

Some of the most important router parts and accessories that you should know are: fence, lifts, tops, legs and wheels, mounting plates.

What to consider purchasing a router table

There are certain factors that you should take into consideration purchasing a router table.

1. A Flat, Rigid tabletop

Make sure that you purchase a table surface that is rigid and close. Rigidity is important in ensuring perfect cuts as it helps to guide against flexes. Purchasing a table with rigid top is also necessary to ensure that it does deflect as a result of the weight of the router and plate. The top should also be flat for accurate cut.

2. Strong, stable and flat base

The base of a good router table is supposed to be rigid so that it will be able to bear the weight of the router. In this regard, you should consider the material used in manufacturing it. Mental materials such as aluminums are good options. The base should also be stable during work so that the workpiece will remain stable and consistently in contact with the cutter so that you will be able to make a cleaner cut. Besides, it can be dangerous to work with a table with unstable base. It can cause the table to topple.

3. Miter and T-Slots

It is advisable that you purchase a model fitted with a miter slot because you may have a need to do a task that will require a miter gauge. You will also require a miter slot if you want to secure featherboards and other accessories. The T-slots can also be used for securing the stops, featherboards and other attachments of the table.

4. Fence with high level of accuracy and ease-of-positioning

The fence is an important part of a table. You will require it in order to control the cut. For a fence to serve its purpose, it has to be straight, rigid, good adjustment, easy to position and square.

5. Consider accessories

You should also take into consideration the various accessories that come with the package. This is very important because with the accessories, you will be able to do other works and maximize the functionality of your tool.


It’s worth going the extra mile and leaving no stone unturned to ensure that you purchase the best router table. This is because having a nice product is a good investment of time and money. Besides, with the right product your work will become a lot easier, more accurate and precise. The basic information you require in order to make an informed decision and enlightened choice is provided in this buying guide.

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