Hey, guys, I hope all is great with you. This little tidbit is to give you peeps a small insight into my life and my passion. For as far back as I can remember I loved to sculpt.

As a child, I would try and mould just about anything I could get my hands on. From plastic to rubber, to almost any scrap I could find in my dad’s garage. I loved the shape and feel of most things, but my real love has always been wood. As I grew older, I would sit for hours cutting different shapes out of it and trying my hand at new and unusual designs.

There was even a point when my friends and family thought I might be going a little crazy, but that was far from it. I was simply in awe of the nature of wood and all the wonderful things I could build with it.

I was gifted my first router table on my 16th birthday by my uncle. I cherished it for the next few years before I started selling my creations and made a few bucks to buy my tools.

Today, things have changed a lot and technology has come a long way to make the process of the woodwork a lot less tiring and tedious. Since my teens, I have used a variety of different router table models and brands, so I decided to put together this little website and help other woodworking enthusiasts like myself choose the best product as well as share my wealth of experience.

I would love for you folks to write to me to ask me anything at all related to your woodworking projects and I am would be more than happy to guide you if you needed my help.